Love In Any Language

If I were king of the world, I would adopt every stray dog, cat, bird, horse or critter that needed a good home. My frustration at not being able to do so is almost more than I can bear. When I see all the animals that are going to be destroyed on Facebook, my heart breaks each and every time. I feel so helpless because there are so many animals in need, not only in the states that the posts come from, but right here in my own state.

When I was a young boy growing up on an avocado ranch in southern California, we kids were taught that dogs stayed outside and were not allowed in the house. Because of that, we never really got attached to our dogs. When I think of all the years that I missed understanding that our pets become part of the family and are loved just as much as any family members, I am sad because I missed so much love and devotion. I never had a puppy sleep with me, play with me or love me unconditionally. What a deep, empty void that experience left in me.


I am here to tell you that my dreams have come true. I finally have that puppy and she is the joy of my life. For the first time I have a puppy that has bonded to me and shows me so much love and trust. Of course, my wife picks up the slack when I am not home, but Suzy is always so excited when she hears my voice calling for her the minute I get out of the truck.

I have my wife to thank for this miracle. When we first met in 1994, she made it perfectly clear that if I didn’t like her dogs I might as well take a hike. Well, I did like her dogs and thank God I stuck around to learn and understand what having pets really means. Along with their unconditional love and devotion comes great responsibility to make sure they are cared for and protected against all the sicknesses and dangers that can end their short lives before it is time. The reward for being diligent far outweighs the work it takes to care for pets.

I look forward to Suzy riding with me in the truck and maybe even taking rides on the Harley. I have always been so envious of motorcycle riders who have their dogs riding with them sniffing the air and showing huge doggy smiles. I suppose it is dangerous, but with the proper training, I am sure Suzy will love going with Daddy for a ride.

Our pets have enriched our lives and I can’t imagine not having a least two or three dogs lying in bed with us at night playing, chewing toys and content to be with their pack leaders. Sometimes I wonder who leads whom, but no matter – it is all good!

PS: I have reposted this blog for Easter. No matter your religion or belief system; loving animals goes hand in hand with loving your fellow man.

I’m just saying Happy Easter,



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  1. What a wonderful writing, I’m deeply moved! Our Labrador Sally this year will be 15 and still we have such a great time with her. I wish you a great life with Suzy! Josephine.

    • Thank you, Josephine, so much for your comments. Animal lovers are special people and I am always glad when I hear from them. Sally is certainly an old gal and I wish her well. Suzie is a wonderful blessing in my life and she lives like a queen!



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