School of Hard Knocks



Mitt Phoenix Code darts 6x9 titled

I still can’t believe it – I barely graduated high school and my teachers thought I would fade into the sunset. So much for opinions and everything for grit; I don’t recommend the school of hard knocks, but if you have to go, go big!

I just finished my third murder mystery novel “The Phoenix Code” and it will be published in this month. You may never read my books and I probably will stay in obscurity, but that is really not the point now is it? The point is that I made it to project manager in construction and when the bottom fell out of the industry, I sat down and wrote my first murder mystery “Evil in the Mirror.” The response from family and friends was electric. It was fast paced and took all the readers to places they really did not want to go, but had no choice because they couldn’t put it down. “You are one sick puppy,” was the consensus, “but that was one hell of a good book!”

“Day Stalker” had the same effect even though I did tone it down a bit. The readers still couldn’t put it down, but “Evil” was a tough act to follow. Now “The Phoenix Code” is coming out and I can guarantee that the magic is still there and Detectives Jon Mull and Manny Gonzales will have their hands full with yet another sadistic killer.

Because “The Phoenix Code” is the last book in the trilogy, one might ask if this is the end of our two detectives. Well, you will just have to read the book to find out. This “sick puppy” is not going to make it easy for you!

I’m just saying,



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