(The New) Mitt Winstead – Author

I have decided to reinvent myself into a new and young author.




Is this a picture of me? No, but nobody knows this fact – thus I have been reborn.

My publishers warned me not to divulge my age, but because I am not a typical macho guy, I refused to hide my age. Perhaps that was a mistake inasmuch as Oprah is not asking me to appear on her show.

While I don’t know the guy in the picture, I am sure he will be more than happy to appear on any and all TV shows promoting my murder mysteries for a price. I can be famous vicariously through what’s his name above. It’s a perfect setup and since I don’t like to travel on airplanes…it’s better than perfect!

Now, that being done, I need a young wife so I can appeal to the men readers of America the world.




Cool…. Now I need at least one kid to appeal to family readers.




Great…the family is complete!

This plan is pure genius and the readers will come flocking when I post a new Web page with these pictures of the new us. Just think, Twitter and Facebook will be wearing out their “like” buttons and the offers will be coming in…hold the phone – crap, my wife is walking into my office. No, not the one in the picture, my real one! Gotta go….

I’m just saying,




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