The Worst Zombies


! was reading a post by author, Eri Nelson, ,on Facebook the other day about typos that we authors make daily when we are trying to be creative and don’t want to lose our train of thoughts speeding down the author’s railway. Someone likened typos to zombies and the message was loud and clear; they were right and typos are like zombies – they eat up the substance of your ideas!

I can’t count how many times I have let the little finger on my right hand touch the enter key only to be mortified at the obvious typo that just ate the whole substance of my reply! Then I find myself frantically clicking the mouse looking for the delete feature on Facebook that would rid me of the embarrassment, but, alas, not finding it, I am destined to be tagged the illiterate author of choice on the whole Facebook network.

While the zombies of movie fame try to eat your brains, the itty-bitty zombies of authoring try to eat your thoughts; no less grotesque I might add. Author’s thoughts bleed too you know and the pain is so intense that when a typo attacks that the poor author finds the need to become a plumber’s helper or maybe a pancake flipper at IHOP. The fact of the matter is that if the typo zombies are too aggressive, said author will have no choice but to look elsewhere for his weekly stipend.

I, for one, am declaring war on the typo zombies. My first plan of attack is to place a large bandage on my little finger with “Don’t do it” written on it in bold letters. Secondly, I have placed a framed picture of a zombie eating some poor fool’s brains just to the right of my laptop. Lastly, but not least, I let my wife proof each and every word I print before I let the bandaged finger hit the enter key.

All of the ideas in the paragraph above should take care of the problem, except for one thing. Occasionally, I know my ego will not permit me to have every little thing I write be proofed. I will let the bandage hit the key depending totally on the less than perfect spell check feature software which is populated by, yes, you guessed it…the freaking typo zombies!

Write on,



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