They’re Back!


There is a rumor the god, Itzamna, and his minions will return from the stars soon. Great, I wonder if he knows that the culture he began so long ago is gone and jungle has taken its place. I sure hope that fact doesn’t piss him off.

In either case, we will finally get to meet one of the star people foretold throughout history in many cultures and religions. At least, while we are being destroyed by aliens, we will have found the answer to man’s greatest question – are we alone? The simple truth is that maybe we should have stayed alone. One thing is for sure; the event will shake up our planet. I just hope it isn’t ‘shake and bake’ and we become fodder for some pissed off aliens who are hungry.

It’s not a stretch to believe that because space travel near the speed of light slows down aging, the star gods could return and still be young while we have aged centuries. That little ditty could explain why the gods told their subjects they would someday be back. Could it be that the star travelers would know that by the time they returned the Earth’s population would be ready to harvest? Not a very pleasant thought to say the least.

I am not trying to be a doomsayer…I am just thinking through the possibilities. It could be that they only want to see how we turned out as a civilization. Crap, if that is the case, they would be inclined to wipe us off the face of the Earth anyway. Who would want the universe to know how horribly wrong the experiment went? It seems on the surface, damned if we do and damned if we don’t.

Personally, I plan on hiding in plain sight. It would seem to me that they (the aliens) would only want the young and tender humans. That leaves me out of the mix since I am no longer attractive to young and tender women…therefore, bon voyage, ladies, have a good trip and bon appetite Mr. and Mrs. Aliens.


There, now don’t you feel better after reading this blog? Old people will truly rule!

I am here to help,



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