Into the Belly of the Beast


The hungry monster stirs and is in need of yet more money to devour. Our Federal Government has found yet another feast to consume. It’s only a matter of time before Internet sales will be taxed and yet more of our hard-earned money will be consumed into the belly of the beast.

It’s damned if we do or damned if we don’t. Democrat spending or Republican out of control corporations; either way, we, the small people are screwed as usual. “Lift that bale – tote that barge,” is our mantra, and everyone thought slavery was dead. Slavery is alive, well and flourishing in America!

Perhaps there is a silver lining? After adding the new tax and shipping to our on-line products, we might be forced to shop at our local stores and help rejuvenate small businesses in our communities. It’s a long shot, but who knows. The whole government scheme might backfire in their fat faces. Who am I kidding – they will just keep on taxing the small fry into oblivion.

I apologize; I have no answers…just disgust.

I’m just saying,



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