Skulls Anyone?

Click picture for close up

Click picture for close up


When I was young I didn’t like skulls of any kind, with the exception of the fabled crystal ones which were worth a small fortune. When I met and married my wife that made two of us that didn’t like skulls. No way did we want those creepy things in our house.

Then Harley-Davidson started putting skulls on everything that could be sold to the riding public; the 1% bad ass riders were into skulls since the beginning of biker clubs, but the rest of us never paid attention. Then all of a sudden, snap – we all started liking skulls! Wifey and I liked them so much that we figured why just have them on our bike? We started collecting them for the house too.

Yesterday after cleaning our skeleton friends, I pulled the ladder back and stared at the collection. They seemed to be staring back at me smiling with appreciation for the cleaning. I know it seems crazy, but we seem to have a connection with little gals and guys. The collection reminds me of the graveyard scene from the movie Beetlejuice. Our graveyard also seems to be alive and thriving.


Our friends live on top of an antique hoosier and they seem to like it there. The only problem is that we want to add more to our group, but alas, we are out of room. Perhaps it is just as well; where does it all stop? Oh, I know – when we die we will join our friends in their family cemetery and some other owners will be wondering where to put the growing group since our arrival.

I’m just saying,



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