I Tire of Politics


I am throwing in the hat for Tiger Woods and Arnold Schwarzenegger for President and Vice-President of these United States of America! Why in the hell not? Both are liars, cheats and rounders, and they are now out front with their shenanigans. No more hiding under the cover of decency and honesty; both men have proven without a doubt that they are willing to go that extra mile for sex and money.

While we are at it, let’s help Jesse James get appointed as Secretary of State. Here is another person who has proven that deceit can be a good thing, especially now that he is not covering Sandra Bullock’s back anymore. She is now able to go forward without worrying about her backside.

Seriously, is there no one out there with the balls to tell the American people like it is, instead of telling us what they think we want to hear? The world economy and climate are in the toilet and all it takes is someone to pull the handle and it’s all over but the crying. Yup, we are that close to being flushed into the sea without even a “howdy do.”

A couple of years ago I couldn’t even pronounce fear monger, now I are one. Open your eyes and see the changes that are happening daily that in the past took decades and even centuries to occur. We are being systematically bombarded with not only Mother Nature’s wrath, but also internal government interventions that spell disaster for the lower and middle-class folks. You see, we are expendable; in order to feed and shelter the élite – the rest must go.

Do you not have enough imagination to understand where “the rest” must go? I figure about seven billion people will be flushed down the drain along with today’s infrastructure to accommodate the “special” folks who get to stay and start over because, in their infinite wisdom, it is they who should start the world anew so eventually it can end up the same way it is now.

Don’t you think it is time to throw the bums out for God’s sake? I was going to say, “Before it is too late,” but my intuition tells me the time has passed for human intervention – I think Devine intervention will take over soon enough.

This blog may sound negative, but in reality it is not. Just think, while the kind of people who have always cheated, lied, manipulated and bilked other people out of everything including their self-respect are building a new world, we common folk will be smiling, laughing and having a great time in Devine Love or Heaven or whatever you choose to call it. What matters is that you are there visiting a host of friends and family who really do have your back and would never lie or cheat.

Back on Earth, the élite will have discovered that the world above their bomb shelters is polluted with radioactive waste from all the nuclear plants washed into the sea from rising oceans that have inundated 30 miles inland around the whole perimeter of Earth. Every nuke plant in the world has been built close to the sea which is rising faster than Mom’s homemade bread. This contamination has a half-life of 10,000 years. Oh, I’m sorry, élitist …you are now toast! Bon appétit, ants….

I’m just saying,




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