Cyber This!?


So today is Cyber Monday and I wondered how many people will be going online to buy something even though they spent their wad on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday? While I didn’t succumb and attend these sordid affairs, I did ride with a friend to a big sale day at a Harley-Davidson dealer in Phoenix on Saturday. I didn’t buy anything, but I did look at the 50% off racks for some shirts, but alas there were only 2X, 3X and 4X available and the sale prices were above retail. That is why biker people in the know call H.D. “hundred dollars, hundred dollars.” Anytime you go to a Harley store – that is the minimum you are going to spend before escape is possible.

After I got home from the ride (thank you, Lord, for getting us home safely), I started thinking about the upcoming Monday online sales events and all of a sudden my brain went “snap” and it became clear that there must be some big-time Websites to be able to handle the millions of people buying like Mad Hatters all day long. I did a little research and indeed there are Websites that can handle that much and more.

OK, what is his point, one might ask? My point is simple – if the private sector can have Cyber Monday, huge sale days on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday without glitches that include the security of customer’s private information, why can’t the government do the same? Then I had another “snap” moment. What if the whole Affordable Care Act Website is a sham of sorts; it wasn’t supposed to work in the first place! I have heard that statement online, but paid little attention until now.

How could President Obama’s Administration be so inept? Why did they hire a Canadian computer tech company, with dubious credentials and known failures on their resume, when there were U.S. companies available that build this sort of Website routinely with great success? Why was private information of the person trying to buy insurance mandatory before any information about the so-called products could be revealed? Is it possible that private information was saved and stored even though the program failed after that information was obtained?

The Canadian connection worries me the most. It is no secret that many terrorist organizations operate in Canada, including, but not limited to, cyber terrorists. The tech company involved is suspicious to say the least. Why was Michele Obama instrumental in the hiring of this shadow company? Why did we spend hundreds of millions of dollars to an out-of-country company that could be sending these dollars to terrorist organizations in the Middle East and elsewhere? No Website in the states costs that kind of money to build. Right now Japan would gladly have built it to perfection for a lot less money to help their economic needs after the horrible tsunami and reactor meltdowns.

Oh, boy…another snap! Where was Congress while all this was going on? I submit they were out to lunch and/or too busy throwing darts and slinging arrows at each other while the President continued on his merry way with agendas not in the best interests of the American people. While I suspect these same American people are sick and tired of all the hate and discontent in politics just I am, it is prudent that these and other questions be asked by Congress in earnest. The race card is no longer a valid argument from either side of the political spectrum. There is no room for error in these matters and time is not on our side. This is not about race, liberalism or conservatism. It is about the security of our nation and the safety of our people. Too much has happened to ignore the possibilities in this issue and many others since President Obama was elected. It would be nice if the Congress of the United States of America did what we are paying them to do – serve your constituencies!

I’m just saying,



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