What to do – no more Q.

Leaving Q. for the last time

Leaving Q. for the last time

All Earthly creatures big and small are constantly going through change. We humans cry out the loudest because of these changes. I know that I do and I so want to snivel because our vacations in Quartzsite, Arizona, are no more.

To snails, wolves, turtles and you, it makes little or no difference, but to me it does. I hate change – especially when a person has to work so hard to accommodate it. Getting a motor home ready for the four-hour trip from Q. to Camp Verde is monumental when you consider it was set up like a park model under a carport with permanent utility hookups.

Where did all the stuff in the storage shed and motor home come from? I know we didn’t have stuff when the shed and motor home were moved to our lot three years ago. Oh, I remember now; we shopped yard sales every time we were down there. I would like to blame wifey, but a bald-faced lie like that would never stand.

We made the trip back to Camp Verde on Monday successfully and even after sitting in Q. for so long, the RV Cummins diesel motor purred like a kitten. I was so thankful to pull into our daughter’s driveway safe and sound. Wifey was right behind me with the pickup truck and trailer. I got out, stretched my tired legs and back and surveyed the scene. OMG, what to do with all the stuff we brought back?

Daughter is taking the motor home to live in and travel during vacations and weekends, which means all our stuff must be removed – right down to the last tea spoon. Even the basements are chucked full of stuff and she must be out of her rental house by the end of this month. After locking the motor home, I jumped into the truck for the short drive to our house. We both unloaded essentials (which included our two dogs and one parrot), stowed perishables in the refrigerator and headed for bed and NCIS on TV. Sleep came real fast for me…I don’t know about wifey and her Nook.

I spent yesterday unloading the truck and trailer while daughter had unloaded our stuff out of the coach and boxed it up the night before. She came home early from work and we went over a few things about how to drive USS Enterprise safely. It’s a tad bigger than her Rav 4, but she had driven larger diesel vehicles with air brakes in the service while stationed in Iraq. I could tell she would do well and that alone took a load off my mind. She also helped load all the boxes of our stuff she had packed the night before into my truck. I spent the rest of the day complaining while I unloaded them at our house. Unfortunately, my wife was at the doctor, so only the dogs and parrot were able to listen to my ranting and raving. Misery loves company….

Today I must clean out the motor home basements. Hopefully I will be done before the storm hits – Oh, did I mention it is supposed to rain? Damn, one more change I have to deal with! OK, enough crying like a baby. The moral to this story is that change is what makes the world go round and I look forward to our new adventures. Wife and I have no clue what comes next in the way of vacations and fun; we just know that we will laugh and be happy no matter what we end up doing.

I’m just saying,




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