How can one write about life when the precious commodity slips away like water through a spaghetti drainer? Every time I sit down to write about life, I find it impossible because I am not smart enough to share such a precious gift. Words fail me at the wonder of it all.

I think about my offspring living their precious gift – sometimes struggling under the weight of living while other times happy beyond words because they too know that life is spectacular. They wonder about their offsprings’ futures just like I wondered about theirs many years ago. They have no more control over fate than I, but try they must because it is one of the many faucets of life. Moving forward is a prerequisite of living; nothing static really lives.

Our family has been blessed with protection from a higher source…God if you like. When a family member is concerned or worried about where their next meal is coming from or how to pay bills with little money because they lost their job, I always remind them of the wonderful protection they have enjoyed down through the years and that the protection will not end for any reason as long as you believe in something more than self.

Some have called it the power of positive thinking; well put, but lacking somehow. I like to describe the dome of protection over our family as the veil of truth. We know that truth is the cradle of love and that love is the offspring of Divine Love. Our protection comes from Divine Love which rules the universe and beyond.

While we search the heavens for signs of life so that we may know that we are not alone, I search our world in all its abundance and diversity of life and know that we are surely not alone. To the incredibly small life forms our earth must seem like a universe unto itself. When we peer through a microscope, a new world unfolds with life forms that defy imagination. No, we are not alone…we share a world with billions of other life forms and I find comfort in that fact.

We humans are an arrogant lot, but inside most are compassion, love and caring for other people and other life forms. Showing compassion is our greatest gift, whether it is for other humans or friends from the animal kingdom. Our eagerness to help and protect so-called lower life forms like dogs and cats is paramount to keeping our own protection strong and vital. When we let our compassion fade, so in turn does our protection.

Love much today…open your arms to a stranger whether human or animal and give them the precious gift of love so that they too may be blessed with the protection of Divine Love. By doing so, you will contribute to the salvation of our species on planet Earth.

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