The Funny Man Has Left the Building


I’m trying to figure out what happened to my sense of humor. I used to write witty blogs splashed with humor that would tickle the funny bone and make you smile. Now it seems politics have taken over my mind like a B-rated science fiction movie.

After some investigation, I have come to the conclusion that Facebook is the culprit. Other than the occasional cartoon that I plagiarize into Sunday Funnies once a week – the fare on the site is dismal, dark and sometimes just plain gruesome. There are also postings of religious dogma fit for the pious which does not include me. Let us not forget the enlightenment posts that sometimes make me so crazy that I have to switch to Twitter just to get a break.

I know, if I don’t like Facebook…don’t log on to Facebook. Simple, right? Wrong! I am addicted just like the rest of the Facebookers out there in la la land. Besides, where else can I get breaking news which may or may not be anywhere close to the truth? If it isn’t on Facebook – it doesn’t exist. At least that is what I heard on Facebook.

You know I always like to suggest a cure to what ails the world. In this case, I think it means I have too much time on my hands…which means I have to start another book. For God’s sake, one would think a trilogy is enough. On the other hand, being an author is like being a Facebooker. More is never enough and enough is like a wisp of smoke.

Which brings me to the real point of this blog; I feel the need to write yet another dark murder mystery. While I would never compare myself to Edgar Allen Poe, I too like to dwell on the dark side of life, but only in fiction of course. My public life is filled with fun, humor, roses and sunshine. Such is the way of a successful career serial killer.

I’m just saying,



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