“On The Road Again”

January Quartzsite 002

On the right hand we have a motor home sitting on a lot in Quartzsite, Arizona, collecting dust because we are unable to get there often. On the left hand we have an ex-Navy daughter sitting in Camp Verde, Arizona, who loves to see national parks and has no way of doing so. Let me see…I know; why not put the two together and watch freedom ring! That’s the plan and we are sticking to it.

Wifey and I went to Quartzsite a week ago to start the process. We had to get the gable end off the huge carport that has the motor home captured inside like Captain Kirk’s spaceship Enterprise. We also had to buy a couple of batteries because the summer heat had fried the two that start the diesel power plant. After they were installed, the beast came to life instantly which was music to our ears. The propane generator started up easily and the tires looked good. Thank God we kept the tires covered the three years the Monaco “Enterprise” was docked.

The windshield wipers are another matter, but we lucked out and found the rubber inserts at a NAPA auto parts store in Camp Verde. Getting them into the blade assembly is another matter, but have no fear…we have come too far to fail now. We also found the special kind of air hose nozzle needed to bring the tire pressure up to the 90-100 lbs. needed for the very large tires. Especially the duals in the back – if they are low, they run hot and whole exercise is to not break down between Quartzsite and Camp Verde. Believe me, it would not be good. Thank God the weather has cooled; the lower desert can be 118 degrees in the shade in the summer!

We are planning to free the beast in a couple of weeks and ride her home with fingers crossed and a whole bunch of diesel fuel. Wifey will be following in the truck while I captain the helm speeding along like a herd of turtles. We have just one big grade between Black Canyon City and Camp Verde on I-17…this will be the test of machine and captain. Ok, not so much the captain.

If you don’t see a blog posted about our successful return in a couple of weeks, know that I am living in a broken motor home somewhere between Black Canyon City and Cordes Junction along the I-17 corridor too ashamed to face my Navy hero daughter. Daddy failed and Daddy is hiding in the belly of the beast for the duration.

I’m just saying,



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