Saddle Up Pilgrim!


Sometimes being an author is like riding a horse for the first time. When you finally get off and can hardly walk, you are reluctant to get back on again. I put down pen and paper (keyboard) a week ago because I just couldn’t get in the mood to start a new project called Vectus.

If someone asks about my next book, I can now say that I am working on it. What my fans don’t realize is that even though it only took a little over two years to write the first three, I was reluctant to return to the dark side and start the fourth. You see, I become every character I write about. When one is murdered – I am murdered in a real sense. I also become the murderer and a little of me dies each time. I live the parts and write as if the book were a screenplay.

Now I don’t know if some or maybe even all authors feel this way…all I can attest to is what happens to me. After I finished Evil in the Mirror, my heart was dark, but because of the sheer excitement of actually writing a novel, I dug a little deeper and wrote Day Stalker and The Phoenix Code. After Day Stalker was finished and published, I knew a break was in order. In fact, I didn’t want to write another dark novel ever again.

I started blogging practically on a daily basis and this satisfied my hunger to be at least writing something. The problem soon became that each day I had to write a new story. This was far more tiring than writing a novel…less dark, but much more tedious. 450 blogs later, I realized that my passion is novels. Not just murder mysteries, but also science fiction and Vectus will be a combination of the two genres.

After realizing where my effort should be, I set March 11, 2013, as my new start date. I also decided that I was not going to rip and tear through the final murder mystery The Phoenix Code like a rabid dog. Instead, I set the goal of one chapter a day, five days a week. That left me Saturday and Sunday to write a blog and put together Sunday Funnies, which I truly enjoy posting so my readers can laugh a little before ugly Monday pops up and forces them to go to work.

I now have finished The Phoenix Code. All of the chapters lie in the bowels of my computer and await final proofing and editing which is being done by Leslie Menninger who lives in Sedona, Arizona. It feels good to be writing a novel again and as the plot thickens, good people will die and the police will beat their heads bloody on the wall trying to figure out who the perp is, I write Vectus no matter the consequences to my well-being. Besides, I need to butch up…after all; it is just fiction – isn’t it?

I’m just saying,



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