One Man’s Apology


After reviewing all of the background people in this picture, I have come to the conclusion that the two old folks in the foreground are flipping off all the young people in the background. It is obvious that the above mentioned old folks are not flipping off the Congress of the United States of America.

I would like to apologize for using this picture in the past to infer that our Congress is inept, lazy, self-serving, corrupt and arrogant…when it is plain that all of the blame for our country’s problems fall squarely at the feet of our young people. Youth is the culprit and I am convinced unless we stamp it out of existence our problems will only get worse.

I am sure it started with Elvis Presley and then progressed to The Beatles, Kiss and Justin Bieber to name just a few. I knew when “rock and roll” came out it was the end of our Constitutional freedoms forever. The gyrations of Elvis were just the beginning of the decline of our country. Richard Nixon knew and tried to stamp out youth forever – he was an epic fail.

Again, please except my apology for being so naïve and blind. I promise not to make fun of our government anymore. NOT!

Write on,



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