Gloom and Doom


After reviewing my blogs of late, I have come to the conclusion that I am succumbing to the “Gloom and Doom” group who just know that there is no hope for the human race and all will be destroyed by the End of Day’s scenario. This is so unlike me that I am determined to pull myself up by the boot straps and get a grip on life instead of it getting a grip on me.

While it may be difficult to remain an optimist while ingesting negative vibes from the news media, social networks and downer folks who seem to attack like a pack of wolves, I am committed to changing my approach to the bombardment with a positive attitude and a sharing of love for my fellow man.

Why the sudden change? I think the credit must go to Jodi Hudak, ,who has shown me the power of optimism and the strength a positive outlook can give a person who has finally been worn down by negative forces. Jodi is always willing to post positive messages for all to see and read. I can’t remember even one time that she has displayed a negative message or tone to her posts. The same cannot be said for me….


I am in the process of reading Jodi’s book, “Behind Corporate Prison Walls” for the second time and I am still impressed with her down to earth style of writing. I have always liked books that get to the point without fancy phrases and a boat load of words. Even though she has a degree in electrical engineering, Jodi remains true to the simple approach to writing that separates the snobbish writers from the “down home” authors that I prefer.

Jodi is the kind of person who offers solutions rather than rhetoric. This is her strong suit and I appreciate her kind of optimism. All the good intentions of people are groundless without solutions to go along with the situations that confront the world on a daily basis.

I salute you, Jodi, and I also thank you for helping me to rise above my fears and apprehensions; after all, there are no solutions in those feelings….

I’m just saying,



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