It’s Not Rocket Science


I know it is a tough concept to understand, but try anyway. Rodney gets beat up by some idiot cops showing off their IQs and L.A. blows up in riots in which innocent folks were attacked, stores looted and fires set on private property.

Trayvon is shot and killed by George who claims it was self-defense. A jury unanimously agrees and again riots break out, innocent folks are attacked, stores looted and fires set on private property.

O.J. is found innocent by a jury of his peers after the brutal murders of Nicole and Ron. Not one person took to the streets to riot in L.A. No one was brutalized, stores were not looted and fires were not set on private property.

OK, I use these three historical events to make a point. Civilized human behavior is not an accident. Our forefathers knew that fact when the Constitution of the United States was drafted. They (more than anyone) knew that violence is sometimes the only way to remove tyrannical governments from power, but afterward…civilized behavior was and is the key to democracy.

I am not saying that one race is better than another – I am saying that without civilized behavior we will never be able to successfully deal with injustice, inequality and economic disparity that permeates our planet.

The common man is fighting the wrong antagonist; our enemies are those who would rule the world by controlling energy and food resources. Our enemies are those who would amass huge fortunes thinking that they will be the special ones who survive any environmental and/or human catastrophe that might come their way. The enemy comes in all colors and political persuasions and they all have one thing in common – unquenchable greed!

“Divide and conquer” is their creed while keeping the masses stirred up and fighting amongst themselves so they will never know who the real enemy is. Well, guess what, jack-wagons – we know who you are and your day of reckoning is coming soon.

Even a commoner can only eat so much rice!

“Telling it like it is,”



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