Harley Trike from Hell

"Saddle up - we are heading for Sturgis!"

“Saddle up – we are heading for Sturgis!”

Hoppy says, “Mitt, take my new trike to Sturgis…you will love it.” In the same breath he says, “Oh, by the way, would you please install the driver back rest for me? I know you will be more comfortable with it installed.”

It easy, he says. Piece of cake, he says. Nothing to it, he says. No problem, I say. Bull poop, the directions say as I laid out all the parts and pieces on the table. I installed one on my last Road King and it was simple. But, noooooo – the trike has to have cables, shock absorber and adjustable this and that. I’m surprised it doesn’t have a stereo speaker attached. I’m still trying to figure out how to take the seat off let alone install the back rest.

Well, Hoppy…you go have your triple bypass surgery using spare parts from other parts of your bod. I’m sure the operation will be easier and take less time than the task you gave me.

I’m just saying,


PS: Best wishes my friend on a successful operation and recovery!



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