God Bless Bloggers


Here is the real deal about blogs. They are what you might call freelance writing exercises that don’t have to be super intelligent, witty, humorous, or even have any social redeeming value. Blogs are just thoughts written down on a free format for fun.

I do admit that sometimes my blogs get serious, sometimes witty and sometimes even funny, but always real. I don’t generally use fiction, but I do use poetic license occasionally to make the blogs more interesting than they have a right to be.

Knowing I can’t possibly please everyone lets me be myself with few exceptions. This process is made possible by the fact that they are my blogs and thus are protected by copy write laws. I also take responsibility for my blog’s content; if I have offended anyone – please feel free to not read them anymore rather than complain because, in the final analysis, I really don’t give a rat’s ass what anyone thinks about my blogs or me for that matter.

With that being said, for those of you who enjoy the blogs…they are indeed written for you and you alone. The rest can go to wherever assholes go and cause hate and discontent there. Some people are without regard to the effort it takes to publish anything in today’s world. I will continue to write until I drop dead from the irritation I feel from those who don’t, and can’t, write anything anyone would ever be interested in.

Jealousy is a bad thing, I fear, if applied in large doses. I am jealous of Nancy Bradley http://www.nancybradley.org/ because she is a bestselling author and I am not, but I love and respect her because I know how hard she has worked to get where she is today. I do not need to belittle anyone because of their success; instead, I shout praise from the rooftops because I am lucky enough to know authors who are successful.  Besides, how do we rate success anyway? I equate success with anyone who has the moxie to try, fail, pick themselves up and try again and again until they achieve their goals!

I am proud to be an author and wherever writing leads me is where I am committed to go. If it be straight to hell…so be it! I doubt it though; writers use brains instead of brawn and we are a loving and caring bunch of eccentric misfits. So the next time someone wants to berate this author, remember this…you could be next in one of my murder mysteries.

I’m just saying,




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