Skype the Hype


I am looking forward to an interview with author Eri Nelson ( this Sunday with some trepidation. Not because I fear interviews – I love interviews and always look forward to them. No…rather it is because I haven’t used Skype in well over a year and now there will be a voice to the words of an author I so admire and respect. To me it is like going to a Hollywood premier with a back stage pass!

She is calling me at 3 a.m. Arizona time on Skype, Sunday morning. OMG…I can’t wait. This is so exciting – wait a minute; hold the phone. I don’t have the list of the questions she plans to ask. What if she asks me about that time in Las Vegas or what about Nogales, Sonora? Wait a minute…what am I thinking; she can’t know about that stuff. I am worrying about nothing; she doesn’t know me except what is in my novels. Oh, crap…what if she asks about my twin brother and me in 1968 Tucson, Arizona? What am I thinking, that was a fiction murder mystery.

Oh, well, worrying won’t help any – ask away, Eri…ask away.

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    • While I like this blog very much, I don’t understand why someone would not comment along with their attempt to get me to read their work. Most would trash it before reading, but I am glad I didn’t do that. Everyone has a voice; sometime we need to listen….


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